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When considering your email marketing solutions, it’s important to understand exactly what email autoresponders are and why they are so important to your success.

An autoresponder is the software that delivers an email series automatically.  But the actual email that is sent is also called an autoresponder.  The two are interchangeable.

So what’s the big deal about autoresponders anyway?  Do they work?  You’ve probably seen your inbox flooded with them.

Well … when used correctly … they become your sales force online.  And a kick-ass sales force you don’t have to have an HR department to deal with.

A well-written … and there is a formula … autoresponder series is sent out online at little or no cost.  Drawing people back … again and again … to your main selling areas. 

It gets them to click back to your sales page.

One thing to remember though.  If you try to write these emails yourself, they will suck.  And your campaign will probably crash and burn.

How Do Autoresponders Take Care Of Your Email Marketing Solutions?

It starts with someone visiting your website.  Whether it’s your full site or your mobilized site.  Or even your sales page.  But … for whatever reason … they don’t buy what you’re selling.

They do something, though, before they leave.  They sign up … or opt-in as we call it … for something because they want it more than they don’t want to leave their email.

·  A free report.

·  A newsletter.

·  A free ebook.

·  A video.

·  A white paper.

·  Or whatever.

But to get this information, they leave you their email address and their name.  Well, maybe not always their real name.

And then magic happens.  Your autoresponders … a series of emails … are then delivered automatically to their inboxes over a period of time.

These emails build a relationship.  And give them the valuable information they opted in for without having to talk to anybody.

But these emails continue to nudge them back to your main sales message.  And give you many more chances to sell your products or services to them.

Think about it.  What do you do when you land on a sales page?  Do you usually buy right away?  Almost never right?

The best copywriters on the planet are rock stars if they can get just 2% of you to get out your plastic and order from just one visit.   And rock stars don’t write the average sales page.

If you opt in and start receiving emails from that site, you may soon realize … or you may not … that they’re trying to get you to click on a link.  Back to their sales page.

And it works.  Oh my, how it works.  It’s like a direct mail piece which keeps coming into your inbox but with a different twist each time. 

I don’t know how old you are but I bet that you still receive hard copy snail mail in your box every day no matter what your age.

My kids are all hooked into social media and mobile media but they still receive catalogs, magazines and sales letters in the mail box every single day.  Usually as a result of their online activity.

Many companies still do an immense amount of business through direct mail.  But not nearly as much as they used to.

Why Are Email Marketing Solutions So Effective In Growing Sales?

It’s because the marketing equation has changed so much … almost exponentially … over the last two decades. 

Up until the 1980s, marketing and selling was a pretty simple process.

First of all, the internet didn’t exist. 

So … as you would expect … there were so many fewer competitors.  And a lot fewer choices. 

If you were there, you’ll remember that the economy was so low-tech that information … real information … was actually pretty much inaccessible.

And the result was that customers believed whatever an advertiser told them.  They had almost zero resistance and a buying decision that was almost programmed.

Free thinking was not considered a virtue during those times.  Come to think about it, it still isn’t.  And sellers and marketers had the power

But something changed in the 1990’s.  Because of two things … the microchip and the internet.

Technology and the rate of that technological change exploded.  Exponentially.  And so did the competition. 

In fact, information increased so quickly, consumers were left breathless.  We were caught up in an entrepreneurial boom.   

But something else happened.  The amazing increase in technology and information led to:

·  Increased buyer resistance.

·  Longer buying cycles.

·  Price wars with everything perpetually on sale.

·  Products becoming “commodities”.

·  Marketing messages becoming indistinguishable from one another.

And today?  Buyers now have the power.  Sellers are pretty much at their mercy.  Or at least those who continue to live in the Yellow Pages era.

Do you even know what the Yellow Pages are?  Well I do.  And those big heavy monstrosities dropped off on my doorstep were the only way a lot of businesses “marketed”.

The Formula For Your Email Marketing Solutions

There’s a definite formula when it comes to online marketing.  It’s because buyers want to make the best decision possible.  And believe that they are in control.  It’s only human nature.

But what is the magic formula?  The formula that entices buyers to develop a relationship with you instead of your competitors.

Well, the formula consists of four ingredients:

1.  Capture the attention of your qualified target market.  And you do it by offering them something for free.    Something they want enough that they’ll hand over their email address and name.  At least their first name.

2.  Then you’ve got to make it easier for your prospects to gather information and simplify their decision-making process.

3.  This information should educate your prospects by pinpointing critical issues they need to know.  And start positioning you as the answer to their needs and concerns.

4.  Continue to provide your prospects a risk-free means of taking the next step in the buying process while building a relationship … albeit online … with them.

The more information you give them, the more control they feel they have when it comes to making a final decision.

The Education Component

Your job as a successful marketer is to become your prospects’ source of information the voice they listen to ... when they are trying to figure out what to buy.  And who to buy it from.

To eventually turn them into first-time buying customers and then repeat customers after that.

Provide them with enough information so they feel they understand the pertinent issues.  And believe they are in control of the buying decision.

The bottom line?  The more you educate your prospect … while developing a relationship with them … the more successful your online business will be.

As I explain on my Buzz Piece page, your initial information could come in a variety of forms.  A free report.  An ebook.  A newsletter subscription.  A white paper.  A follow-up “Thank You” email.

But once your email autoresponders start hitting their inbox, you will be developing that much-needed relationship with your prospects.  Building a bond.

If you doubt that email is still as effective as it once was, consider the following:

·  87% of internet users checked their own email daily in 2010 and this number has increased to 91%.

·  More than half of smartphone users check their email every day.

·  Social media is blowing up the need for email.  The number of email accounts in the world is expected to explode to 4.9 million by 2017.  A 25% increase from 2013!

·  Try to think of an area in our digital world where you don’t need an email account.  Just about anything you do online … joining, ordering, social media accounts … requires an email account. 

Do You Need Email Marketing Solutions?

Once your prospective customers start receiving your messages, that bond starts being created.  The sales barriers amazingly go down.  Visits to your sales pages go up.  And sales go up!

That’s what a great autoresponder series does.  Big, successful internet markets use email marketing because it works.  And explodes online sales and profits.

People who initially didn’t even consider buying become avid customers … long-term customers … once that relationship is established.  They start seeing your product … or service … in a very different light.

Email Marketing Solutions Are Definitely A Big DealBecause They Work.

Now that we’ve established the importance … the necessity … of using email autoresponders to grow your brand online, what’s next? 

Well, you’ve got to do it right.  You can’t just kind of do it. 

You can’t just throw a few emails together, add a couple of links and then expect people to click back to your sales page and buy what you’re selling.

There’s a definite formula for writing them.  A formula that involves a lot of time and effort to learn and master.  And that’s based on whether you even have the correct formula. 

There are a lot of bad emails … horrible emails … being sent out by marketers today.  Emails that get deleted without being opened.

I’m a trained and experienced freelance copywriter.  I write killer email autoresponders that get the click.  Starting with the subject line.

And I can write you sensational email autoresponder copy that’ll deliver a continuous stream of new and returning customers for you.

A powerful series of email autoresponders can transform someone with a great idea who sucks at selling into a master marketer.

Click here now to contact me and ask me how I can help change your business by using my proven formula to provide your email marketing solutions.

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