How A Killer Email
Autoresponder Copy Series

Will Instantly Turbo-Charge
Your Sales

While Your Competitors Try To Figure Out How To Even Get A Single Click To Their Sales Page.  

Businesses today still may not fully understand the value of a dynamite email autoresponder copy series. 

And the even more massive results they can get from using ongoing broadcast emails.

They probably understand the importance of a high-powered sales page.  And a dynamic social media presence

Or even the need to add solid content to their web presence to blow up traffic.

But Why Not Just Throw Up A Sales Page & Drive Traffic To It?

So what are people looking for on the web?  Well, they’re looking for solutions and answers. 

Credible and high-value information.  Others are looking for entertainment and stimulation.   Some are even looking for titillation.

But they’re not looking for you! 

What happens to all of your traffic if you can’t get someone to buy after reading your sales page the first time they read it? 

The page you paid $1,000’s of dollars … or tens of thousands … for?

And what happens when no one goes back to it after reading it the first time and not buying?

Great copywriting … no matter what your overall sales strategy … is still all about salesmanship. 

About creating sensational ads that make readers take their wallet out and pay you for whatever you’re selling.

But on the internet, most people won’t bookmark a sales page with the intention of going back there to spend money later.

Well, they might.  But how many bookmarks do you have?  

If they don’t buy right away, they’re probably not buying.

Most people … almost 100% … aren’t buying after their first visit!

In fact, studies show that it may take as many as 7 visits to your sales page to get a typical customer to fork over some of their cash … hard-earned or not … for whatever you’re selling.

Now don’t misunderstand me.  A powerful sales page can supercharge your business.  

Explode your cash flow. 

Seriously boost your company’s bottom line.

But only if your prospective customer comes back to it … most likely several times … after they first find it! 

Email Still Rules

Not even open to debate.  The numbers don’t lie. 

Do you realize that 96% of consumers check their email every single day!  You want to know something crazier?  Over 50% of them check it more than 10 times a day!  58% check it the moment they wake up!

According to 99Firms … a company specializing in matching software companies with end users … there are nearly 4.26 billion email users worldwide (as of 2021). 

And that’s expected to grow by 3% for the next three years.  That’s another 100 million more each year.

  • It also says that 90% of Americans over the age of 15 still use email.
  • 93.6% of people between the ages of 25-44 use email.
  • The usage is actually over 90% for all age groups except for the over 65 group which still comes in at 84.1%.
  • More than 333.2 billion emails are sent and received every day.
  • Over 3.3 million emails are sent every second.
  • There are more than 7.9 billion email accounts worldwide.

Email continues to be the most popular means of communication on the planet.  Other than direct conversation of course.

As massive as Facebook and Twitter are, email accounts are more than triple the size of both of them combined!

Think about it.  Just about every single aspect of today’s digital world requires an email account

Whether it’s social media.  Any online account.  A newsletter.  A membership.  Even contests.  They all require your email.

And think about this.  As old-school as email might seem to today’s pop culture, it’s only been around for maybe 25 years. 

Do you still get actual, physical mail in your mailbox every day?  Of course you do.  But not the quantity or quality you used to if you’re like me. 

Isn’t email the closest thing you know to getting those personal letters in the mail that you used to get?  If you’re old enough to have experienced that.

Except … with email … it’s off the charts.

The number of emails we get each day proves my point. 

But be aware of one thing.  If the senders weren’t making money from them, we wouldn’t be getting them.

But how much are they making? 

Studies show that for every $1 spent on social media, businesses get back a measly $1.17.

But for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses get back an average of $38!  Email is 33 times more effective than social media marketing!

So what’s the bottom line?

If You Don’t Have a Kick-Ass Email Autoresponder Series Followed Up By A Regular Ongoing Broadcast Email Campaign, You’re Leaving HUGE Money On The Table!

No matter what you may hear about other methods of online selling … despite the amazing growth of social media … there are four things that are indispensable if you want to explode your online sales.

1.  You need an email list - A list of people who’ve signed up for a free offer … probably on your website … and given your their name and email.  In exchange for a free report, a buzz piece, a free offer or an eBook.  Or something of similar value.  A lead magnet.

As MaryEllen Tribby … master marketer … said, “If you’re not building a list, then you’re not running a business … ”

2.  You’ve got to use email to market your business - It’s still the medium of choice even in today’s mobile world as I’ve explained above.  Email continues to grow and consumers respond to it every day.

3.  You need persuasive, compelling email autoresponder copya series of email autoresponders … to start developing a relationship with the people on your list.  A series which gets them to “click” back to your sales page.  Maybe a little closer to being ready to buy.

4.  You need a regular, ongoing broadcast email campaign to continue to build that relationship with people.  These broadcast emails are where the big money is made.

 Preselling Is the Internet’s Version Of Relationship-Building

In the offline world … yes, it still exists … businesses are built on relationships.  And online pre-selling allows those same relationships to flourish. 

Savvy online customers are looking for someone they can trust to provide what they’re looking for.  Even in today’s mobile world.

Pre-selling with high-value content … combined with a well-designed social media presence … warms up your customer and gets you “in the door.” 

But how do you seriously increase your odds of taking that relationship to the next level?  Where they are far more likely to make a positive buying decision? 

By Crafting A Series of Well-Written Email Autoresponders Followed Up By A Killer Ongoing Broadcast Email Campaign

These are emails sent at regular intervals … with permission of course … in response to someone’s request for something they thought might be valuable. 

Making you the “trusted expert”.  Or even the “person on the barstool” next to them.

Building this relationship helps create an open to buy mindset automatically securing umpteen more clicks to your sales pages. 

This Is What Powerful Email Autoresponder Copy … And Email Copy … Will Do For Your Company or Business

My name is Rod Besler.  A professional email and web copywriter.

I specialize in writing dynamic, compelling and effective email autoresponder copy and broadcast emails for web-based businesses.

My emails get results by getting the click.  Opening the floodgates for visitors to visit and revisit your sales page.

My formula for writing email autoresponder copy is one that can be plugged into any business model. 

My emails get the click and pull people back to sales pages over and over again.

Making it easy to develop a relationship with your prospects … your email list. 

And simplifying the process of providing the up to 7 views of your sales page is required to make a sale.

To sell anything, there are some very basic rules you have to follow:

·  Create trust.

·  Tell a story that is believable.

·  Justify whatever your product or service costs.

·  And … more than anything … show your customer why you are the one to satisfy their burning need for the product or service you provide.

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Me To Create Your Email Autoresponder Copy

Reason one:  I’m a freelance copywriter, webwriter, website builder and marketing consultant with more than 20 years’ experience writing and marketing on the internet.

Reason two:  I’ve studied the great ones … like John Carleton … and been trained by the American Writers & Artists Institute.  AWAI.  Look them up.  They create dynamite copywriters by teaching the art of writing copy that sells.

Reason three:  I’ve written all kinds of copy:  sales letters, buzz pieces or lead magnets, landing pages, website content, articles and e-books.  Designed and written all the content for several websites including this one.  I know how the internet works.

But I love writing email autoresponder copy and broadcast emails.  And I can write sizzling emails for you that’ll get the click … over and over again … to your sales page. 

 Here’s A Summary Of Why You Should Contact Me About Your Email Autoresponder Copy Needs

Do any of the following describe you?

·  You don’t have a professional copywriter on staff.

No problem.  Very few companies do.  And if you do have a staff copywriter, they probably don’t have a clue about how to do this.  They weren’t trained to do this. 

Now you don’t have to worry about that.  I’m a pro freelance copywriter who you can hire for one series of autoresponders … or ongoing broadcast emails … without the hassles of having another full-time employee.  You don’t have to pay my insurance, payroll taxes or any of the other things that go along with having another employee.

·  You don’t want to waste time or energy trying to write your own email autoresponder copy.  And besides, it sucks trying to do something you’re not trained to do.  There’s a dizzying amount of training and practice involved.  And a definite formula.

I’ve already done all of that work for you.  I’ve studied copywriting for years.  And mastered the art of writing autoresponders and broadcast emails in a variety of voices.  Email autoresponder copy that compels people to click through to your sales pages

·  Some websites … and business people … can interest a potential customer in what they’re offering.  Get them to sign up for a free report, an eBook, or a buzz piece.  Even get the click through to their sale page.  Once.  But they can’t consistently close the deal.

You need email autoresponder copy that gets the click email after email.

It doesn’t cost you a dime to contact me now to see what I can do for you.  It may be exactly what you’ve been looking for to move your sales to a whole new level.

You can waste a lot of time looking for someone else to write your emails.  Shopping around.  Comparing prices.  Even trying to hire a cut-rate writer from Upwork as it’s now being called.

But you don’t have to.

The next time you look at all those emails you’re receiving … the ones you know are trying to get you to click to a page that is selling something … analyze how many of them actually compel you to click on the link. 

And how many of them suck.  The ones you delete immediately.

What’s the point?  If they don’t get you to click, they don’t get you to buy.  And most of them don’t get the click!

 Here’s The Deal.  It Won’t Cost You A Dime To Contact Me About Your Email Copy Needs

If you already have a series of autoresponders ... and an ongoing broadcast email campaign ... how are they working for you?

If you're not getting the response you want, let me look yours over and rewrite them to start an avalanche of clicks back to your sales or landing page.

Send me an e-mail ... to ... to see if I can help you create a dynamite series of email autoresponders and broadcast emails

Emails that get the click to your sales page and opens the floodgates to repeat clicks.  And sales.

Or contact me on my "Contact Me" page. 

 Rod Besler

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