Lead Generation Websites

What’s the difference between lead generation websites and those stunning, professional websites with dozens … even hundreds … of pages that some companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for? 

Two things really.  Lead generation sites are focused 100% on driving traffic and building a list.  A list which gives you income … cash flow … month after month.  And keeps growing.

Have you ever bought something at a store and … and while paying for it … had the pre-programmed clerk ask you for your email address?  I sure have.

Think about it.  Usually a polite but business-like “associate” very casually asks you for your email.  And what do you most likely do?  You probably give that clerk your email address.  At least most people do. 

But why?  Well, you’re a nice person aren’t you?  You don’t want to be rude.  And aren’t we programmed every day to fall in line and not make waves? 

By parents, teachers, coaches, coaches, government and on and on.  And that’s why you likely do it without even thinking.

Hell, who knows why they’re asking for your email?  Maybe it’s another new law and you’re worried about getting arrested if you don’t hand it over.  Or having security drag you out bloody and beaten.

But it’s a little different when you’re online and asking someone for their email address.  It’s so much easier for someone to simply click away.  Maybe it’s their way of making a statement.  One small thing they can exhibit their control over.

But guess what?  If you’re an online marketer, it’s a numbers game.  And lead generation websites are absolute gold mines because they work.  Incredibly effective at blowing up your email list and setting you up to dominate your market.

Lead Generation Websites Consist Of One Page

Basically a headline, a short punchy message offering something cool for FREE, and a box to sign up.  And that’s what adds those people to your email list.  The most valuable thing you can build online.

If you already have a great looking website, great.  Keep it.  Be proud of it. 

A lead generation site is going to be a whole new website.  But with one goal.  Building a list of people to whom you can send emails and autoresponders directing them back to your monetizing page.

The idea is to drive traffic to your lead generation site and then convert that traffic into brand new clients and customers.  So even though your current site may not make you much money … do you even know if it does? … it’ll continue to look good and be a source of pride.

Or it may contain your sales page.

With a killer lead generation site, your online marketing program will quickly become your go-to source of leads because you’re building your list.  And with the growth of mobile websites and mobile media, the necessity of having a site like this is even more important.

The 3 Keys to Online Success

  • Targeted Traffic – generating steady and ongoing traffic from multiple sources both organic and paid.

  • Conversions – an autoresponder and broadcast email campaign that turns your leads … your list … into paying customers.
  • Repeat Sales & Referrals – a process for getting customers to come back over and over again.  Taking the previous step to a higher level.

Getting traffic isn’t a problem.  There are so many ways to get targeted traffic to your site ... SEO, PPC and keyword research to name a few … but you first need a properly designed one-page site. 

A site that offers something of value for free.  Something that readers will shrug and give you their name and email address for.  Like they do when standing at the check-out counter.

Lead Generation Websites Are Opt-in Pages

That’s what a lead generation website is.  A one-page site that does no selling.  It has one purpose.  To convince your visitor to give you their email address and become part of your list.

As AWeber … the best email and autoresponder service on the planet says … “73% of marketers say email marketing is essential to growing their business.

The rule here is to make this page as simple as possible.  An attention-getting headline, an attractive image and an offer that compels your visitors to fill in their email address to receive something of value. 

The best offer is usually information.  Something they can’t easily find anywhere else.

Then You Need A Series Of Autoresponders

Your subscribers are automatically loaded into a database containing a series of autoresponder emails that’ll then start going out to them automatically.  Like clockwork. 

Think about this.  Each one of those names … according to the people who kick ass doing this … is worth anywhere from $.50 to $3.00 per name per month!  Do the math.  50,000 names = $50,000 and even more per month. 

There are several excellent third-party companies that deliver autoresponders and emails.  But not only that.  They help you manage and execute your entire campaign.

The one I use and recommend is AWeber because they’ve helped me build my business in so many ways. 

You Need An Irresistible Free Offer

Do you already have one?  Remember, all the traffic in the world does no good without one.  The more irresistible your offer, the more clients … and customers … you’re going to get.  And the bigger your list.

Go to my web page “Buzz Piece” article to learn how to do this.

When You Get a Lead, What Do You Do With It?

You need a process so you can take a lead … generated by your lead generation website … from a lead to a customer.  And then a process to keep them coming back. 

Good stuff here but this article wasn’t meant to be a seminar on lead generation websites.  Just a primer.  To learn more, please feel free to read through my website.


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