Training, Products, Courses.

This page will tell you about all the training, products and courses that I’m currently recommending.

My site … and blog … is all about freelance writing and copywriting. Most of my recommendations will revolve around that.

But I may recommend some things that I believe you might be interested in knowing about.

Things that may have nothing to do with freelance writing.

Freelancers … and anyone looking to make a living from home … are often looking to diversify, spread their risk and look at other ways to supplement their income.

If you’re on this page, you probably got here because you’ve read my blog. Or found one of my web pages. Or articles.

You might’ve wondered what I’m selling.

Well, in addition to all the content on this site, I do recommend a number of products that I either have used myself or wished I would’ve had when I got started.

You can click on each one individually below to learn more.

1.  My Paid Online Writing Jobs - They provide freelance writers ... at all levels of skill and expertise ... with thousands of writing opportunities to make real good money right now.  Get paid while you’re practicing and honing your craft.

2.  Accelerated Program For Seven Figure Copywriting - This Accelerated Copywriting Program … this one writing path … has created more million-dollar copywriters than any other.  Now, this legendary program has been completely revised  and updated for today’s digital era.

3.  CopyBlocks AI - This amazing program allows you to use A.I. to generate content for social media ads, blogs, websites, sales pages, emails, etc. without writing a single word.  And that’s a BIG opportunity for you.  Because right now, you can start creating copy and content for these businesses.  You can sell it to them and charge whatever fees you want.

4.  Sqribble - Sqribble enables you to instantly create amazing eBooks and reports in just minutes without writing a single word!  Kickstart your own digital agency by providing eBook creation and writing services for your clients!

5.  Money-Making Websites - Money-Making Websites help you create a passive income stream in your spare time using your writing skills. Earn $750 … $2,000 … $5,000 and upward per month.  The best way to turn spare-time writing on a topic you love into a highly-profitable passive income stream.

6.  Paying Social Media Jobs - Social media jobs are the hottest job trend right now and Paying Social Media Jobs is the market leader.  How about earning $175 - $280 a day for helping businesses post content to their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram?  This could be the simplest money you ever make.


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