Money-Making Websites

Money-Making Websites help you create a passive income stream in your spare time using your writing skills.  Earn $750 … $2,000 … $5,000 and upward per month.

There’s no easier way to create passive income than by creating a content-rich website on a topic you love.


  • Low-risk (this is the ‘slow and steady’ approach).
  • Get started for as little as $50-$100.
  • Takes only 3 hours a week to do.
  • You don’t need a product to sell.

Make money doing something you love while living anywhere in the world you choose to be.   Last month Nick Usborne made $4,447 with one of his own money-making websites.

Not an amount that would impress Warren Buffet but for us “regular” people it’s nothing to shake a stick at.

Turn Your Writing Passion Into A Passive Revenue Stream

The internet is ideal for creating passive income. A website never sleeps. Writing your own money-making website is the best way to add $500-$5,000 … or more … to your monthly income.

At its core, a Money-Making Website is simply an information website. It’s one of the easiest types of websites to create and maintain. Not to mention one of the most profitable.

Often, “spare-time writers” who publish on a Money-Making Website don’t sell anything. They simply write and share information.

But once you’re up and running, you can definitely increase your income by selling something. Even if it’s an affiliate product.

Ideally, your Money-Making Website focuses on something you’re interested in. Some examples might be a hobby or passion… like gardening, parenting, hiking, journaling, or anything else.

Your goal is for readers to find your website when they search online for information on your chosen topic.

They can be attracted through many methods but the end game is that they’ll read your content and become a fan. That may eventually purchase something based on your recommendations.

When they do that, you’ll receive a commission. So, every page added to your website is like adding a new revenue stream to your income …

And, that’s how — and why — Money-Making Websites are the best way to turn spare-time writing into a highly-profitable passive income stream.

Go here to learn how you can create your own money-making websites, writing about something you love:

Money-Making Websites.

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