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Email autoresponders and broadcast emails are the most effective means ... without a doubt ... of bringing people back to your sales pages.  And thus exploding your sales. 

Why?  Because the number of email accounts in the world triple the size of Facebook and Twitter combined.  Every part of our digital world requires an email account. 

So, consequently ... no matter what any social media "expert" tells you ... if you're in the game to make money, you’ve got to use email to market your business. 

It’s still the medium of choice even in today’s mobile world.  Email continues to grow and consumers respond to it every day.

A dynamite series of email autoresponders or broadcast emails helps you develop a relationship with the people on your list.  A series which gets them to “click” back to your sales page already eager to buy.

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How to Create A Viral Sales Force With Email Autoresponders

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