Email Marketing For
Small Businesses

Should email marketing for small businesses continue to be an important part of your marketing plan in today’s increasingly mobile world?  Well, the answer is an emphatic yes. 

When your emails are set up as a series of autoresponders … and then delivered automatically to a list of prospects or customers … they become the best sales force you could ever hope for.

There’s one thing that’s always been … and continues to be … a virtual gold mine when it comes to marketing your business.  No matter what size your business is.    

It’s a list.  Your list of prospects … or even past customers …who’ve given you their name and email address.  In old-school marketing, they gave you their physical address. 

Physical mail to those lists built many fortunes over the years.  Cabelas … a $3 billion company … was started as a small mail order business. 

Those mailings usually required a big investment.  With no idea what the response was going to be.  But when these companies built a list … and mailed to them consistently … their revenues exploded.

The value of a great list hasn’t changed.  Except now, you can send a mailing to your list by email.  At the touch of a button. 

In fact, once an autoresponder series is set up, you don’t even need to touch a button.  It goes out automatically.  Email marketing for small businesses is a big deal even today.  As much as it ever was.

  How Do Autoresponders Work?

Email marketing for small businesses is just as effective as it is for large businesses.  But you can’t do it without a list.  And not just any list.

A list made up of people who’ve shown interest in something you’ve offered … usually for free … is the best list you can compile.  That is unless you include a list made up of people who’ve already bought from you.

Face it.  Customers who’ve already bought from you are far more likely to buy from you in the future than any prospect who has simply made an inquiry.

Email marketing for small businesses isn’t complicated.  But what you say in your autoresponders does require some skill and training if you want the right response.

It usually starts with someone visiting your website.  Whether your full-sized site or mobile site.  Or perhaps they found your online sales page.  But for one reason or another … and most of them won’t … they don’t buy

But many of them will do one thing before they leave.  They’ll sign up for something.  And give you their name and email address

They opt-in as we call it.  But in exchange for what?

It could be: 

·  a free report

·  a newsletter

·  a free eBook

·  a video

·  a white paper

·  or something else they think is valuable.

And if the offer is good enough, they’ll give you the information you’re looking for as a trade. 

Now the key to building a large list is … of course … having a website that ranks high in the search engines.  One that gets a lot off traffic.  But growing traffic for your site is another discussion.

If you’ve ever visited a website and left them your name and email address, you know what I’m talking about.  In fact, your email inbox is probably full of these messages every day.

A lot of them probably irritate you.  But you know what?  They work.  You’re getting these emails because they’re an effective marketing strategy.  And they work far better than most people imagine

If you’re like me, you’ve probably bought something as a result of receiving such emails.

And if you’ve bought, wasn’t it easier to buy from those marketers who’d been sending you messages for a while?  Didn’t it almost seem like you knew them

That is if the emails were written effectively.

Autoresponders … your series of emails … can be set up to be delivered automatically over a period of time.  With as much time between them as you want. 

Email marketing for small businesses is a killer strategy for building relationships.  By providing valuable content.  Information your prospects … and customers … signed up for. 

And, of course, the better the initial offer, the quicker your list builds.  And the larger it becomes. 

Fortunes have been made by building a list, developing a relationship with the people on that list, and persuading them to buy whatever product or service is being offered.

The most effective emails tell a story.  And then nudge your prospects back to your main sales message.  Over and over again.

The emails you send your prospects should be trying to get them to click on a link.  Back to your sales page.  Or a “Contact Me” page.  

And the best thing?  No postage required.  Your messages continue to be sent out automatically.  As many as you can set up. 

And you can change that message any time.  Whether to offer a new product, a sale or a special.

If you want to read more about why email marketing for small businesses continues to be one of the best marketing strategies there is, visit my email autoresponder services page.

Who I Am And What I Can Do For You

I'm a trained and experienced freelance copywriter.  With more than 10 years’ experience writing and marketing on the internet. And an expert in email marketing for small businesses.

I specialize in writing dynamite email autoresponders for web-based businesses.  And brick-and-mortar businesses.  Autoresponders that get the click … over and over again … to their sales pages.

If you think that a killer email autoresponder series would be an absolute difference-maker for your business … no matter what size ... you're right.  And it doesn’t matter if you sell services or products.

Sure you may be able to write your own autoresponder series. But it takes training and time to develop the ability to write effective autoresponders that get the click.  Besides, the actual writing also takes a lot of time and a lot of work if you don’t know how.

And there’s a definite formula for writing email autoresponders.  A “tao” as one of the best writers in the business calls it. 

I can provide email autoresponder services that’ll deliver a continuous stream of new and returning customers for you and your business.

Click here now to contact me about writing yours.     

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