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This articles page contains links to articles I've written about copywriting, online marketing, offline marketing and freelance writing.

Copywriting is ... very simply ... any writing that offers a product or service for sale.  There are essentially two types of copywriting. 

The first is "Advertising Agency" copywriting.  Short.  Clever.  Often funny.  But usually with no call to action.

The second type is called "Direct Response" copywriting.  It compels people to take out their credit cards and buy now rather than just be entertained.

That's the copywriting I do and the kind these articles pertain to.

If you want to use any of these articles on your website ... or elsewhere ... you have my permission to do so under the following condition.

Please give me credit for writing the article by adding my name ... and the following byline ... with a link back to this site:

"Rod Besler is a freelance copywriter and blogger with more than 20 years' writing and marketing on the internet.

He's just written a FREE eBook titled "How To Become A Freelance Writer." 

He specializes in writing email autoresponder copy and broadcast email copy. 

He is also focused on helping people become a freelance writer so they can write for a living from anywhere in the world.  The opportunities in this field are growing at a phenomenal rate. 

Visit his site at to download a copy."

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