Easy List Building For
Internet Marketers

Is easy list building for internet marketers even possible in a seemingly more skeptical online world?  Or at least skeptical when it comes to advertising and selling.

Well, yes it is.  But only if you do it right.

Let me put it like this.  Do you work out?  Diet?  Are you trying to lose weight?  Or bodyfat?  Or are you just trying to maintain your weight … and health … at whatever level you’re at?  

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like you’re fighting a losing battle?  And it’s not easy is it?  Well, it’s definitely not if you don’t do the right things.  And if you keep following conventional wisdom which is almost always wrong. 

Believe me, I’ve tried … it seems … just about every workout and diet plan ever made.  Some worked.  Some didn’t.  But when you hit on a plan that really works, it’s kind of like hitting the Mother Lode.

It got me thinking about the best way … the fastest and easiest way … for you to explode your online traffic, get more prospects and blow up sales. 

And it’s not the conventional wisdom.  In fact, in our increasingly mobile and social media world, it’s often not even considered. 

Email.  Yes email.

The #1 Most Valuable Financial Skill You Can Possess

Yes, growing your email list may be … I dare say is … the #1 most valuable financial skill you can possess … or develop … as an internet marketer.

As I mention on my home page, despite the size of Facebook and Twitter … with 1 ¼ billion users between them … email accounts more than triple the size of both of them combined!  And email continues to outpace social media both in terms of sheer numbers and effectiveness.   

The use of email in everyday life … despite the explosion of social media … continues to be the absolute best way to build a loyal customer following that keeps coming back.  Paying customers.

The 3 Absolutely Critical Keys To Online Success

There are 3 essential keys to online success.  Now … of course … I’m not talking about large corporate online presences that have unlimited financial resources and a brand that is recognizable world-wide.  But even those companies use this strategy.

I’m talking about businesses … whether selling products or services … whose main focus is online.  And what are those keys?

  • Traffic-building – From which you derive leads.  Through great content and other means both paid and non-paid.
  • Lead Capture – This is where you build your list … your email list … because of something you’ve strategically placed on your website that compels people to give you their email address. You own your list.  You control it.
  • Lead Conversion – Where your follow-up converts your leads … your email list … into sales.  And ongoing sales with an effective follow-up strategy.

Build It And They Won’t Come

There are some basic concepts that people keep getting wrong in internet marketing.  Yes, there are still people that believe that you can throw up a beautiful site … build it … and people will find your site. 

Not happening.  Actually, never did.  Build it and they will come only worked in my favorite baseball movie.  (Field of Dreams)

Most people … almost all of them … will never find your site without an effective traffic-building strategy.  But even if someone finds your site, they’re probably leaving within seconds.

Even if they hang around for a while, they’re not buying anyway.  And once they leave, they’re not coming back.  Ever.  That’s the truth.

If you have something to sell and they somehow land on your sales page, you’ll be lucky if even 1% buy.  And that’s with a killer sales page. 

Why?  Because they don’t know you and … therefore … they don’t trust you

If you’ve driven on the freeway in rush hour traffic, you’ve experienced something like this.

Someone cuts you off.  They now have your attention.  You’re probably pissed off. 

Your quick evaluation checks the vehicle year and make, any bumper stickers, the license plate, their sex and even what they look like.  And you make a quick evaluation. 

Of their background, their character, their ethnicity, where they’re from, even their religion … or not.  And just about anything else you can make up within 10 seconds. 

The bottom line?  You don’t trust them and they damn well don’t trust you.  And then they’re gone. 

Just like one of your visitors … if you don’t have a strategy to persuade them to give you their email address for something of value.  So you can then begin to build their trust. 

When you turn your online focus to building a list … a list that you own and that you control … it’s kind of like driving or walking around your own neighborhood.  You trust your neighbors and they trust you.

And this list can blow up your revenues 2, 3, 4, even 10 times.  All without the permission of Facebook.  Google.  Twitter.  Or anyone else. 

Snowballing website traffic and easy list building for internet marketers go hand-in-hand. 

Where Are Profits Really Made In Online Marketing?

With an effective, follow-up automatic email marketing campaign.  But you’ve got to have a list.

Sure, some money can be made in the front end depending on your M.O. but is that sustainable?  The experts agree with me.  It isn’t.

The average online business owner has two things in mind.  Get people to my website.  And work my butt off to turn that traffic into cash.

But think about it.  Isn’t that like going to a regular job?  Bartering your time for their dollars.

A Better Way To Think About Traffic

Why not think about traffic to your site as your lead-generator.  By using it to build the most valuable online tool that there is … your own email list.  An asset that you own and you control. 

An asset that allows you to:

  • Amass visitor information.
  • Follow up with those visitors … now your leads … and develop a relationship.
  • Grow your relationship.  Resulting in sales.
  • Continue your relationship leading to additional … even ongoing … sales.
  • Realize that traffic from your list … back to your site … is the easiest and most responsive traffic that you’ll get.

What’s The Best Way To Build Your List?

Offer visitors to your site something FREE and Valuable in exchange for one thing.  Their contact information.  Their email address and … hopefully … at least their first name.

But what do you offer?  A free report, a newsletter, an e-course, even a video.  I like to offer a valuable FREE report which I call a Buzz Piece. 

A Good Buzz Piece will position you as the go-to expert and be a lead magnet.  

How Do You Capture Your Visitors’ Information?

There are several ways.

  • Opt-in forms on your website.  Make sure they’re on every non-selling page on your site. 
  • Squeeze Pages – These are landing pages whose only purpose is to provide an opt-in.
  • Pop-ups - I hate them.  But they work.
  • Onsite methods – Banners, links, calls to action, content.

So, the bottom line?  It’s not so much about easy list building.  It takes planning.  It takes work.  But once you get this process right, it’s money (in the bank).

There Are Only 3 Types of Online Traffic

  • Free traffic - Takes time to build.
  • Paid traffic - Immediate but requires an investment.
  • Leveraged traffic - Gives you the benefit of both free and paid traffic.  And once you have this down, the majority of it will be repeat traffic from your list!  But this requires some expertise and maybe even some professional help.

My Final Two Cents Worth About Easy List Building For Internet Marketers

  • Provide your readers content.  Both on your website, your blog, and in your emails.  Tell stories.  Prospects will look forward to them.  And look for the next one.
  • Don’t sell, sell, sell all the time.
  • Make your emails personal.  Know your audience.  Tell them stories (again).
  • Whatever you promise, make sure you deliver.

Divide your lists up into categories.  Prospects, buyers, repeat buyers … etc.  They’re different.  Treat them as such.

In addition to being your go-to email and autoresponder copywriter, I also can help you explode your email list

If you’re lost … or hesitant … about how to do this, Contact Me about growing … exploding … your email list.  A list that you own and you control.  And will end up being your biggest asset.

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