Freelance Writing Jobs

Can people really find freelance writing jobs and make good money?  Doing it part-time.  Or even full-time?

Well, yes they can.  In fact, they’re doing it from home.  And from anywhere in the world.  Earning a supplemental part-time income.  Even the kind of money that allows them freedom and a full-time income.

Since I got into the crazy, stressful transportation industry decades ago, I wondered about something.  What it would be like to work at home … make a real good living … without having to drive to and from work?

Avoiding some of the worst drivers in the world where I live and work.  The middle of Salt Lake City commuter traffic.  Some of the rudest and worst drivers on the planet. 

To be fair, Salt Lake City drivers only hit #2 on the list of worst drivers in the US last year … 2016.  But they (I refuse to accept membership in this group) were #1 the year before.

Why be #2 when you can be #1?  Judging from my ongoing experience, we’ll be back on top soon.

They weren’t always this bad.  The city I live in has become one of those desirable places people from elsewhere want to move to. 

A thriving economy, abundant recreational opportunities, and a reasonably intelligent and educated work force has stimulated the growth so many of us can't stand.

They’ve come from all over the country.  And other countries.  And they’ve brought their driving expertise with them. 

Avoiding this kind of daily commute isn't just something many people dream about.  They’re now actually doing it.

They make money from home by completing simple freelance writing jobs.  And they control their own time and what they spend that time on. 

In fact, the percentage of people who make their living as a freelancer … any kind of freelancer … is well over 45% of the US workforce.  And it is projected to reach 50% by 2020.

No boss.  A work schedule they control.  And … for those who know what a nasty commute is and don’t want to experience it any more … the ability to earn their living from their home.

The internet has created an amazing array of freelance opportunities.  And people from all over the world are taking advantage of it.  But you’ve got to have the initiative and determination to go after these opportunities.

And … of course … you’ve got to have some writing expertise.  Maybe even a specialty.  But not as much as you might think. 

You don’t have to be a “pro”.  But … think about it … if you do enough writing for money, then you’re a pro aren’t you?

There are an amazing number of new websites being launched every single day.  And what do they need?  Content.  Sales pages.  Emails.  White papers.  And on and on.

Great news for people who want to make a living writing at home.  Or from anywhere. 

Full-time or Part-time?

You can do either.  Many writers are earning an excellent second income completing freelance writing jobs in their spare time.

But many of them are replacing their jobs, getting out of debt, and gaining time freedom and financial freedom with freelance writing.  It all depends on what your goals are.  And whatever those goals are, it’s possible with freelance writing.

Prior to the internet, legitimate writing jobs that actually paid anything above starvation wages were hard to find and even more difficult to get.  There just weren’t that many opportunities.

You needed an extensive college background.  And hard-to-get referrals before anyone would even look at you to write for a magazine or newspaper.

And magazines and newspapers were the gatekeepers.  They controlled the written information going out and who would have access to it.  The world was so ill-informed.

But the internet provided new possibilities that had never existed before.  And more opportunities are created every day. 

For example … in my area of expertise … B2B companies send out more than a million emails every single week! 

Online writers are now able to access this market with nothing more than a computer … or a tablet … some basic writing skills, and the desire to earn a great income working from anywhere they want.

Now obviously, there’s more to it than that.  You’ve got learn a little bit about the industry.  And whether you want to write for content mills.  Or direct clients.

Working for content mills will get you work.  And start getting you paid for that work.  But the amount you earn will be significantly lower than working with direct clients.

Depending on how you market yourself, going after and developing relationships with direct clients will earn you much higher fees.  And often, ongoing work.

Please continue to read through this site to learn more freelance writing and how to start bringing on a steady stream of freelance writing jobs.



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