How To Write An Autoresponder


When someone asks me how to write an autoresponder or broadcast email, the first thing I tell them is that there’s not a simple answer. 

Sure, I can give you a basic outline.  But there are several things you’ve got to realize before you attempt to write one yourself. 

First of all, it’s not easy to write effective autoresponders and emails that actually work.  Emails that get people to click-through to your monetizing page.  Or whatever page you’re trying to send them to. 

In fact, it’s downright difficult.

Have you ever gotten enthused and hyped up about something?  Maybe a business opportunity.  Or a new workout and diet program.  Maybe even a new relationship. 

But then the work begins right?  And after that honeymoon period when the initial excitement has carried you along, reality sets in. 

That’s when you realize that what you were so energized about is going to take some work.  Probably a lot of work.  Maybe more work than you bargained for.

And so often … when faced with the realization of how much effort it is going to take … many people simply throw up their hands in disgust and give up.

And this kind of reminds me of what happens when someone wants to know how to write an autoresponder or broadcast email. 

For autoresponders and emails to be effective … to get the click-through to whatever sales or monetizing page you want or even to simply get them back to your site … there’s an almost magical formula to follow.

And you can’t learn it overnight or by reading an article.  It took me more than a year to learn how to write them and I was already a trained copywriter!

So, yes, I can give you instructions on how to write an autoresponder or broadcast email.  But I could write a small book while doing it.  So I won’t do it here.

But I have written a series of articles which are all on this site.  Its's my 10-Step Master Formula for writing killer autoresponders and emails.  A mini-course on how to write them. 

Now … of course … mastering those steps is a different story.

The first thing you’ve got to determine before writing an autoresponder or broadcast email is what’s the purpose?  What’s the intent of your autoresponder or email? 

Is it to deliver content … like a newsletter or blog link … to someone who’s subscribed because you’re the expert?  Offering them more information about what they’re interested in.

Or is it to get a click back to your sales or monetizing page?  The page that sells your product or service and closes the sale. 

Two different intentions.  Two different kinds of emails.

Another thing that dictates how to write an autoresponder series is where you're at in the series.  The initial “Thank You” autoresponder is much different than the 10th and final one in a series.  And both are completely different than the ones in-between.

Rather than write out a set of instructions here … with no idea of what your intent is … I recommend you check out my series of articles on How To Design A Marketing Email.

This is basically a FREE online course worth $1000's of dollars ... millions to some people ... and will reveal to you exactly how to write an autoresponder series or a broadcast email series.

It'll also help you determine whether you want to teach yourself how to write an autoresponder or broadcast email series.  Or hire me. 

Please feel free to browse through my site to learn a whole lot more about email and autoresponder marketing, online marketing, list building, copywriting or even just to read my blog.

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