What Is Copywriting?

What is copywriting?  Copywriting is the best “hidden in plain sight” opportunity that exists for freelance writers to make big money. 

Because it’s something you see every dayEverywhere.  You just don’t realize it.

You see it on websites …

You see it in your email inbox …

You see it in your physical mailbox …

You see it on Facebook and Instagram … Twitter and LinkedIn …

You even see it on billboards as you’re driving … on brochures at your doctor’s office … and on EVERY page of the search results when you Google something.

Copywriting is a specialized type of writing.  And it’s one of the most valuable skills you could ever learn.  It’s the lifeblood of businesses in every industry all over the world.

It’s how they sell their products and services.  How they attract new customers.  And develop loyalty to keep their existing customers coming back.

Copywriting is everything to them.  Which is why they pay skilled copywriters extraordinarily well.

Where Do You Spend Your Time and Money Online?

Think about the stuff you buy online.  The content you read.  The brands and businesses you follow. 

Do you get emails from them?  Follow them on social media?  Read their blog?

That’s all copywriting.

If you’re a fitness nut, you’ve probably seen ads on Facebook for workout supplements and healthy meal plans.

Or if you love shoes, handbags or watches, I bet you’ve noticed small ads for them on Google.

Maybe you’ve been shopping for a new car.  When you go to the websites for car dealers and manufacturers, read those colorful descriptions and blog posts about the benefits of each car.

How awesome it looks.  How it outperforms other cars.  Why it’s so safe.

ALL those words are written by copywriters.  And those copywriters get paid VERY WELL.


Because a skilled copywriter will SHOW you everything a product or service will do for you.

Especially how it’ll make your life better or solve a problem you’re suffering from.

Think about it …

If I showed you any of the items I just mentioned, you could probably write a basic description of it.  But people don’t buy because they read a “basic description.”

That’s where a skilled copywriter comes in. 

A skilled copywriter won’t just tell you the ingredients in the health supplement or meal plan. 

She’ll SHOW how your kids’ faces light up when you have the energy to play with them at the end of the day because you’re eating healthier.

A skilled copywriter won’t just describe what the shoes, watch or handbag look like.

She’ll make you flush with pride from all the admiration and compliments you’ll get.

And a skilled copywriter won’t simply list all the car’s features.

They’ll make you FEEL the freedom of the open road as you coast down the highway with your favorite music playing a little too loud.

Bottom line:  SI answer to the question "what is copywriting", skilled copywriting makes you almost unable to resist the action they want you to take.

Like downloading their free report.  Signing up for their email list.  Or buying their product. 

And, if you’re a freelance writer … or wannabe freelance writer … you’ll find opportunities as a copywriter everywhere.

Because businesses big and small … online and offline … need copy no matter where they’re located.  In every industry you can think of. 

Copywriters write about everything:

  • investing and cryptocurrency
  • fashion and makeup
  • coffee and tea
  • auto parts
  • medical devices and supplements
  • sports and sporting goods
  • restaurants and bars
  • and so much more.

What is copywriting?  I could go on and on.

Because every business with something to sell needs copy.

Schools, nonprofits, churches and political organizations need copy.

Even your local chiropractor, accountant and florist need copy.

All business … all commerce… needs copywriting.  No matter what the business is. 

When people are paying money for goods and services, those businesses need to explain some things:

  • What is the product or service?
  • How does it solve the customer’s problem, need or wish?
  • How does it work?
  • Why is it the best solution and value?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How does the customer get it?

In the marketing world, the two main commerce types are B2C and B2B

B2C stands for Business to Consumer.

B2C is when companies sell directly to consumers who’ll use their products or services.

Take financial products or banks, for instance.  As a consumer interested in opening a checking account, you have many banks to choose from.  So, which one will you choose?  

B2B stands for Business to Business.

In this category, businesses sell goods and services to OTHER businesses.  These are vendors and suppliers serving different industries.  

In a retail clothing store, for example, the store owner needs to purchase so many things.  Think about it.  Store signs, shelves that products sit on, a non-slip entry mat, clothing racks, price tags, dressing room doors and hooks.  And on and on.

Just to keep things interesting, you may come across companies that do both:  B2C and B2B.

As you can imagine, B2C and B2B are massive commerce categories with thousands of different industries involved.  In every category you can think of, companies in both the B2C and B2B market are waiting for you to write for them.

In essence, commerce is everywhere!

Whenever someone is buying something or providing something, that’s commerce.  Now consider this …

Every business needs to use marketing to sell products or services!  Or both.

They can’t just set themselves up and hope people will find them.  Or know what they do.  Not without some sort of marketing.

They use coupons, websites, YouTube videos, emails, webinar presentations and newsletters. These just scratch the surface.  

Today, one company alone could be using 75 or more different types of marketing approaches!

For starters, does every business need a website?  At this point, that’s probably a YES right? 

And on those websites, they need persuasive language that tells their customers why they’re the best choice.

All of this selling takes COPYWRITING.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is persuasive business writing with the intent of driving an action. This includes writing content too.

Copywriting is sales writing that explains to prospects why they can’t live without a product. 

Or why it’s so good.  Or why it’s so valuable, useful and helpful in solving a problem.

Ultimately the intent of copywriting is to drive action.  Which means copywriting leads the prospect to take the next step.  

You want them to make a purchase right then and there.  Or maybe you want them to download a sample report or eBook.  Sometimes known as buzz piece.  Or lead magnet.    

Maybe you want them to sign up for a newsletter.  Or get set up with a free trial to check out your business.

Copywriting is advertising and sales writing.  But it’s content writing too.  

As the online world exploded, companies realized they can bring in more and more new prospects with helpful, entertaining and informative content.

Content isn’t necessarily selling the product.  It’s providing helpful tips, pictures, videos and ideas that build loyalty and awareness among prospects.  Then, when the prospect’s ready to buy, the sales copy comes in and sparks a purchase.

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