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What are the keys to being a successful email marketer? 

You know.  One of those big-money internet marketers you’ve read about who’ve built multi-million dollar businesses because of email … and their email list. 

The market mavens who say that their list … their email list … is the reason for their success.

But in today’s mobile world, is marketing through email even something you want to “waste’ time doing?  I mean look around.  It’s a mobile world. 

Even my 5-year-old grandson gets that.  Hell, he got it when he was 2.  Before he even talked.  He’d get his hands on his mom’s phone, unlock it and start banging keys.

Then he’d start moving things around on the screen as I watched in awe.  He would tap an icon … for an app … on the screen and kick back.

Before I realized what he’d done, I’d hear music.  Country music.  His favorite at the time.  Now he’s into sports. 

He knew what he was looking for.  And he was gleefully listening to it.  His mom told me he knew exactly what he was doing.  He did it all the time.

This got me to thinking.  These smartphones do more than full-blown PC’s just a few years ago.  Is email even something that people even use?  Or are going to use in the future?

And kids … the consumers of the future … can’t live without them right?  Their world revolves around these mobile devices.

Well understand.  People use their phones for a lot of things.  Actually talking to someone may be one of the least common things they do.  Especially young people.

Smartphone users:

  • Text.
  • Surf the web.  Many use it as their only access to the internet.
  • Take … and share … photos.  
  • Look up health conditions.
  • Do online banking.
  • Look up real estate listings.
  • Look up job information.
  • Submit job applications.
  • Even take classes. 

But as a marketer … a current or future email marketer … doesn’t this seem like email marketing would be tending to become obsolete?

Well, I did the research and …

The Numbers Don’t Lie.  Email Continues To Rule

My friends ... the numbers don't lie.  Despite the explosion ... seemingly exponentially ... of social media, email continues to rule.

Email is the most popular means of communication on the planet.  How can I say this?

Facebook and Twitter have … at the time of this writing … 1 ¼ billion users between them. 

But email accounts triple the size of both of them combined!  4.2 billion.  And are expected to rise to 4.9 billion by 2017.

But how can this be you ask?   Well, when you think about it, even today’s digital world requires you to have an email account!

All the social media sites.  An online account.  A digital newsletter.  A free report or ebook.  Memberships.  Contests.  If you want to participate, you need to give them your email address.

As I say on my Home Page, 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day!  Consumers. 

Think about this?  Do you have an email account?  If you’re like me, probably several. 

And don’t you read a lot of those emails?  Especially if they’re from someone you’re interested in hearing from or something gets you to open them?

Do you get a lot of emails from an email marketer?  I do.  And it proves my point.  If the sender wasn’t making money, you wouldn’t be getting them.

Examples of Successful Email Marketers

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this but there are some staggering sums being made online by email marketers.

·  Have you heard of Matt Furey?  He has made millions … primarily though his list and email … selling fitness-related and personal development products.  He’s an email marketer.

·  Anik Singal … another email marketer … makes millions of dollars a year marketing products and services to his own lists.  He now makes the same kind of money teaching others how to do this. 

He says that a good email marketer should be able to make at least $1 per month for every name on their list.  Think about that.  25,000 names - $25,000 per month.  And that may be on the low end according to him.

·  How about the “The Prairie Homestead” blogger Jill Winger?  This woman built a huge following mainly through Facebook and social media and then realized the social media companies actually controlled her business.  And were penalizing her for being successful. 

She went on to develop an email list of over 60,000 people which she owns and controls.  And which she makes a lot of money from.  She’s a blogger and an email marketer.

·  Many of the fitness gurus from whom I get emails from almost daily.  And most of them only market one or two of their own products.  But they make a lot of money recommending other people’s products to their lists.  For a hefty commission of course.

·  And so many more …

What Do You Need To Be A Successful Email Marketer?

The barriers to entry are very low:

·  Startup costs are minimal compared to most businesses.  How about a computer, an internet connection along with a good email service provider such as AWeber or Constant Contact.

·  It can be done from literally anywhere.  There’s no need for an office or store … you can do it from home.

·  Can be built around just about any service, product or series of products.  Even somebody else’s products.

3 Things You Need To Make Big Money Online

  1. You’ve got to decide to use email to market your business online.  It’s the absolute best way … the only way … to control the outcome.
  2. You must build an email list.  There is no debate allowed on this.  All kick-ass online marketers … market mavens … have built their businesses, control their businesses and continue to profit from their businesses because of their email list. 
  3. But you damn well better have an email … and email autoresponder strategy … to develop a relationship with that list.  Which gets “the click” back to whatever you’re selling … product or service … because the people on your list trust you.

And that last bullet is the key.  Develop a relationship.  Give them exactly what you’ve promised.  And then offer them additional products or services which they will pay you for because they trust you. 

And they should, shouldn’t they?  Because you’ve given them what you promised you would give them in your emails.


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