About This Site

Why do people use the web?

To search right?  For information usually.  Credible high-value information (in most cases). 

Or they use it to find a solution to a problem.  But they don’t go there to look for businesses.

I’ve built this site myself … step-by-step … with the best online business package available. 

To give you information.  Answer your questions.  And help you solve your email autoresponder copywriting and list building problems.

This site is powered by Solo Build It (SBI!).  SBI includes everything you need to plan, host, build, manage and monetize your website.  It’ll even help you grow a blog.

It does it all.

SBI! is the only package available that prepares you to build a profitable business before building your site. 

No matter what your level of online expertise, SBI! guides you all the way.  From beginning to end.

SBI! has the best Customer Support in the business!  And the SBI! Forums are the friendliest and most educational e-business forums available anywhere.

Building a successful online business means choosing the best site concept for your particular business. 

Brainstorm It!  And Niche Choose it!  Make it easy to choose your best online path.  Whether yours is an established business or a brand new one.

SBI! was designed for the novice or the advanced webmaster.  And all levels in between.

It also provides fast, reliable web hosting.  It’s part of the package.

Where else does SBI! excel?  Traffic building.  It overcomes all barriers to traffic building – SEO mastery, technology, keyword analysis.  You name it.

That’s why the majority of SBI! sites make it into the top 3% of all websites in terms of traffic.

Click Analysis and Traffic Stats tell you what your visitors like most about your site.  This helps you know what to write about.

The more quality content you add to your site, the more your business grows.  It’s that simple.  Give visitors the information they want, the more your traffic grows.

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