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Do You
Need an Autoresponder Copywriter or Broadcast Email Writer Because You Don’t Have the Time ... or Even Know How ... To Write Killer Autoresponders or Emails for Your Site?

Do any of these … or all of them … describe you or your company?

  • You know that you need a transcendent autoresponder or email series for your site.  Autoresponders and emails that compel people to click back to your sales or monetizing page.
  • You have no idea how to write a series that gets the click. 
  • Even if you think you know how, there’s no way you have the time.
  • You don’t have a copywriter on staff who’s honed their skills specifically to write autoresponders or email series.
  • You already have autoresponders or emails but they’re not doing the job.

If any of these describe you …and even if they don’t … this might the most important information you’ll read about the future of your online business!

Here’s why. 

Why do people use the web especially in today’s world?  Well, they’re looking for information.  Or they’re looking to find a solution for a problem.  Or to find answers to questions.

But they sure aren’t looking for you.  That is unless they already know you.

Here’s a concept that most web-based businesses still don’t get.  Pre-selling is the online version of building relationships … the face-to-face kind … in the brick and mortar business world.

You may not have experienced a relationship like that if you’re not old enough.  But I am and I have.

I remember growing up in a small western Canadian town … more than one actually … and I now realize that the relationships between the various business owners and their customers in a small town were gold.

More than that.  Those relationships were life.

The barber (who also owned the pool hall).  The grocery store owner.  The one or two restaurant owners.  The hairdresser.  The bad dentist (I spent thousands to correct his mistakes).  The small-town cop (my dad). 

They all relied on each other for their livelihood.  And so did their families.

They did this by developing relationships with each other.  Knowing their first name.  And their kids' names.  Even gossiping about each other.

Sometimes going to the same church (although there were 3 different churches in a town of 1,200 people).  And belonging to the same clubs.

Everyone got along (usually).  And even when they didn't, they still relied on each other and trusted each other because their livelihood depended on it.

So what does this have to do with online marketing?  Well, it’s pretty much the same thing but on a so much larger scale.

Pre-selling is how online businesses build trust and respect for their business.  Just like in that little Canadian town.

And this is how you do it for your business.

But you don’t build trust and respect by driving people to a hard-sell sales page. 

You can have a sales letter written by the best copywriter on the planet.  And drive traffic to it. 

Sure it’s going to produce some sales.  But the success of that letter will be limited if your readers have no idea who you are. 

In today’s crazy world, trust is even a bigger deal online than in the face-to-face marketing world.  You don’t think so?

Then think about this. 

Even though you may want to hightail it as soon as possible, it’s hard to walk away from a car salesman isn’t it? 

Man, they have all the answers.  They can make a $19/hour truck driver feel like he can actually afford that sleek glistening $75,000 Ford Heavy Duty.

I get it.  Most of those salespeople … just trying to make a living … really are nice people.  And it’s hard to walk away isn't it?  You don’t want to be rude.

But online?  That’s a different deal. 

You find a site.  Click away.  Google something else.  Hit favorites.  It’s easy to leave isn’t it? 

And you offend no one when you do this.  No one cares.  They don’t even know (actually they do).

And the NSA sure does.

So the key in the online world is to write great content to impress two viewers.  Your human visitors and the search engines. 

To grow your traffic using either paid or unpaid methods.  This involves SEO, link-building and content-building.  Or investing in paid traffic. 

But always remember.  When a visitor finds your site on Google, they pat themselves on the back.

Because they found you didn’t they?  You didn’t come after them and chase them down.

Email Reigns

I know the rage is social media.  And … believe me … I understand how insane social media has become for companies trying to build relationships with their customers.

But social media … especially Facebook and Twitter … doesn’t even come close to email

Email still rules as the most popular means of online communication on the planet!

And remember, Facebook and Twitter can blow up your business ... literally shut you down ... for no reason whatsoever.  And so can Google.

For simply saying something their minions don't agree with.

As I write elsewhere on my site, Facebook and Twitter have … in 2016 … 1 ¼ billion users between them. 

But email … actual accounts … dwarfs Facebook and Twitter combined by a factor of 3!

There are 4.2 billion email accounts in the world and that number is expected to hit 4.9 billion by 2017.

I know.  I was skeptical too.  But I'm an autoresponder copywriter and a broadcast email copywriter.  I did my research.

Think about it.  Just about anything you want to do online nowadays requires you to have an email account.  And hand it over when asked.

  • Social media sites themselves require an email account.
  • Just about any online account.  Your bank.  Where you send your house payment or car payment.
  • Any online newsletters you’ve subscribed to.
  • Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Clickbank, Barnes & Noble and on and on.
  • Do you have season tickets for a sports team?  You need an email address.

The Bottom Line?

As a professional autoresponder copywriter who's put the time in mastering this type of copywriting ... specializing in it ... I can create autoresponders and emails for you that Get The Click back to your sales page or monetizing page. 

Your make money page.

I’ve been trained by the best.  AWAI … American Writers & Artists Inc.  They train copywriters.  Master copywriters.  The best in the business.

And I’ve studied the masters.  John Carleton, Bob Bly.  The best.

4 Reasons to Believe What I Say

1.  I wrote all the content, designed all the pages, wrote all the autoresponders and completely built the site you’re on now. 

2.  I’ve designed and written the entire travel site and blog  .

3.  I wrote all the autoresponders in my “Samples” area.

4.  I was trained by AWAI.  As explained above, they’re the absolute masters at training pro copywriters.

5.  I wrote all the autoresponders you’ll receive from me if you request my FREE kick-ass ebook on autoresponder and email marketing.

6.  With a degree in economics, I have more than 30 years of management  and sales experience in the transportation and logistics industry. 

I've had a life-long passion for sports, fitness and exercise.  I write a successful travel blog.  So I can write in just about any voice and for any market you may be in.  But I'm a pro autoresponder copywriter.

Here’s A Summary of Why You Should Email Me Now About Writing Your Emails & Autoresponders

·  I write killer autoresponders and emails for online businesses.  Any online business.  Emails that get the click back to your sales page.  Or wherever you want the click to go.

Where the profits are made.

So you don’t have to worry about trying to do it yourself or learn how.  And even if you have an in-house copywriter … or one on retainer … they probably don’t know how to do this.  Because there’s a definite formula.  One that I’ve studied and perfected.

·  You don’t have to even entertain the thought of trying to write your own emails and autoresponders. 

Why would you?  That’s like what Steve McQueen did in the classic original western ... not the remake ... “The Magnificent Seven.”  He walked into a casino and put all of his hard-earned cash on one number.  And, of course, he lost.  Dead broke.  Standing there like a putz.  But he still had his gun.

But you?  You’ll save time you can’t afford to lose.  Hours you can invest in doing other things.  Or exploding other parts of your business.  Time better spent elsewhere.  And it won’t be like throwing down on a roulette wheel. 

·  You don’t have to have great writing ability.  You don’t need any writing ability. Because you can contact me instead.

·  What if you hate writing?  Well I don’t.  I love to write.  As  an autoresponder copywriter ... a specialist ... I’ll write emails and autoresponders for you that build relationships with your prospects. 

Emails and autoresponders that maximize respect for your business by developing relationships.  

And that win the click back to your monetizing page. 

It Won’t Cost You a Dime to Email Me Now To See If I Can Help You With a Kick-Ass Email Autoresponder Series or Write Your Ongoing Broadcast Emails

Ask me how I can help you.  Or even if I can help you.

Sure you could hire an autoresponder copywriter cheap from Upwork.  I’ve used them myself when they were Elance.  But why go through the hassles of trying to find someone there?

It’s a complicated, time-consuming and sometimes nauseating process.  And so many of them are not good.  Especially when it comes to doing this.

Simply email me at

It may be the key … the final ingredient … the piece de resistance (from a James Bond movie) … that moves your online business to a whole new level.


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