B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is now used the same way direct mail … and a sales force … was once used. 

Except it requires a far smaller investment and gets even more amazing results.

Companies used to spend massive amounts of money to mail out thousands … even millions … of pieces of direct mail to market their product or services to other businesses. 

But the costs were astronomical.  This was a definite barrier to entry for many businesses.

This is what B2B marketing is.  It is business to business marketing.  When a business’s main product or service is being sold to other businesses.

The industry I worked in for years … transportation and logistics … is primarily a B2B industry. 

Trucking companies “sell” a spot on their trucks for another company’s freight.  This freight may be going to another company.  But sometimes an individual.

When I was first got into the trucking business, the effects of deregulation … with the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 …were just beginning to be felt.

Deregulation prohibited rate bureaus from getting in the way of any single carrier publishing their own rates. 

It took rate making away from those rate bureaus.  And eliminated most restrictions on the commodities individual trucking companies could carry.  

It also took away most of the barriers that motor carriers had been living with for decades. 

Barriers that told them what states they could do business in.  And what routes they could use to move their customers’ freight.

Deregulation blew up the industry.  Leveled the playing field.  And changed a lot of people’s lives. 

I remember stories of how … prior to deregulation … account executives for Roadway Express didn’t have to sell.

This was the company I went to work for out of college.  After going through a 5-month management trainee program.

The story was that account executives (AE’s) spent most of their time on the golf course and in bars.  There was no selling involved really. 

The highly-regulated trucking industry meant that certain companies would get the freight going into select areas no matter what.

After deregulation, AE’s actually had to become sales reps.  The gloves were off.  They actually had to work for a living.  Or find a new way to make that living.

Today’s LTL environment has taken the next step.  3PL’s (3rd Party Logistics providers) have entered the fray.  And completely altered the game once again.

This evolution in the LTL industry … because of the improvement in supply chain management … really helps to explain why B2B email marketing is now such a huge market.

Because of technology.

B2B companies send over one million marketing emails every week! 

Now you have Marketing Directors and Agency Creative Directors spending a lot of their time and budget on email campaigns.

And … with smaller companies … it’s the business owner who does it.

Companies use email marketing to:

  • Generate leads.
  • Follow up on leads.
  • Build relationships.
  • Sell products, services, programs.
  • Upsell and cross-sell.
  • Generate direct sales.

And B2b email marketing email isn’t going anywhere.  It continues to grow. 

As I say elsewhere on my site, there were 3.9 billion email accounts in the world in 2013. 

So with social media all the rage, shouldn’t the number of email accounts be going down?  Well, it’s not. 

That figure is expected to balloon to 4.9 billion by this year … 2017! 

Email continues to blow away any other means of communication on the planet.  Other than speech of course.

But then, looking around at all the people staring at their phones, real conversation may be on the slippery slope.

Email accounts more than triple the size of Facebook and Twitter combined!

But why?  Well, when you think about it, doesn’t pretty much every aspect of our digital world require an email account to sign up?

Social media accounts, newsletters, your online banking, memberships, contests, Amazon orders, Barnes & Noble orders, blog memberships, and more. 

Don’t they all ask you for an email address before you can join their circle?

Here’s a good one.  91% of Consumers Check Their Email At Least Once A Day!

And who works for B2B businesses?  People.  Consumers.  They get it.

Remember Ross Perot?  Well, if you’re too young, don’t worry about it.  If you know who he is, then you probably remember this term.

“Here’s the deal.”  (He was a businessman turned politician).  Yes, it’s happened before. Countless times.

It won’t cost you anything to contact me about your B2B email marketing needs.

Send me an e-mail now ... to peejaybee@comcast.net ... to see if I can help you create a dynamite B2B email marketing campaign for your company or business.   

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