Health And Fitness Copywriter

If you’re looking for a health and fitness copywriter … a pro copywriter who has literally tried every well-known workout and eating plan on the planet … then you came to the right place. 

I’m a direct marketing professional and I specialize in writing killer email autoresponders and broadcast emails for companies that sell health, fitness and weight loss products online.

I can also write just about anything else you may require even though I specialize in creating kick-ass emails and autoresponders for businesses online.  I have expertise in all of the following:

  • Writing sales letters and landing pages.
  • Designing and building websites.
  • Writing buzz pieces … lead magnets … and eBooks.
  • Have created thousands of pages of website content.
  • Write a travel blog …
  • Press releases.
  • Writing hundreds of articles on numerous topics.

I’d love to help you blow up your autoresponder and email results in any way possible.  If you even have such a campaign.  And … if you don’t … help you create one that’ll result in an amazing uptick in your ongoing business. 

I’m a professional health and fitness copywriter.  Trained by the American Writers & Artists Inc.  Look them up.  AWAI.  They’re the best in the business at training copywriters.

But you don’t care about that.  I’m much more when it comes to your business or company.  I may have some gray hairs but I eat right and work out every day.

And I’ve been doing this since I was 15.  I’ve tried almost all the major workout and diet programs through the years after playing Division I college football.  I started listing the ones I’ve tried and it was almost a full page long.

Long story short, throughout my life, I’ve been focused … my wife says obsessed … with being fit, healthy and in shape.  And, in that pursuit, I’ve tried every workout and diet program I could find. 

Sometimes with great success.  And other times, not so much.  My expertise lies not in personal trainer certifications and degrees.  It lies in real-life experience over a long period of time.

Combine that experience with my copywriting training and you can see I might just know a little bit about how the industry works.  And how to speak the language.

Now consider this.  Email and autoresponder marketing … marketing to an email list … continues to be the most effective means of offering your brand and product offerings on the planet.  This isn’t even open to debate.  The rest of my website explains why.

But only if you know how.

Because no matter what somebody signs up for … even using a phone and all the social media stuff … it still always requires an email.  And most of those people still check their email every day.

And email accounts continue to triple the size of all social media accounts combined!  Why?  Because everyone still likes to get mail.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience at or read through my website to learn more about how email and autoresponder marketing continues to blow away any other business-building medium on the planet. 

Or contact me for any health and fitness related copywriting you may need.

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