How To Design A Marketing Email Step 2

How To Design A Marketing Email Step 2 is the second step of my 10-Step Master Formula … the 10 crucial steps … that I use to create killer autoresponders and broadcast emails for my clients and myself.

Why do your emails get deleted?

I realize that most people in today’s wired world read their local newspaper online.  If they read it at all. 

But yeah, old-schoolers like me remember having the real thing delivered.  Every single morning.

Actually, I still get our local paper delivered twice a week.  Bit in the mail, of course. 

I think I do it just for nostalgic reasons.

But I’m talking about the one that used to be printed on non-recycled newsprint and thrown from a speeding car onto your driveway. 

Or into your flower garden. 

Even worse, onto your front lawn just before the sprinklers went on.

Now … believe me … I always got it.  I knew what those poor delivery people had to go through. 

As a kid, I had a paper route.  Delivering papers at an indecent hour for a little spending money.

And I hated it.

Getting up at an ungodly hour when you’re a kid and going out in the dark to freeze your butt off was not my idea of fun. 

And my mom hated it too because she usually had to help me.

I’m not sure what it taught me.  It should’ve been to try something else to earn some spending money. 

In fact, it did teach me that real quick.

But no matter how you read the newspaper now … if you do …. isn’t there one thing that commands your attention? 

Whether it’s good or bad?

A headline right? 

Doesn’t a killer headline draw your attention to an article and almost compel you to read it? 

And doesn’t a bad headline make you shake your head and wonder “what was this idiot thinking of?”

If you’re my age, you remember those headlines in the National Enquirer which used to be carried at the check-out counter of the local grocery store. 

Last I read, that publication was ready to go out of business just like so many of the hard copy papers in the world.

But, during the 1970’s and into the 1980’s, they sold almost 6 millions of copies per week!

And one thing was apparent.  Some of the best headline writers in the world used to write for that publication.

I’ve got to admit.  Some of those headlines made me want to slip that rag into my wife’s reusable, recyclable grocery bag and take it home? 

Most of the articles sucked but the headlines sure didn’t.  At least for effectiveness.

Those headlines sold millions of copies of the Enquirer. 

And they kept people coming back for more.

This is so much like the second step of my master formula.

Always Open With A Compelling, Interesting Subject Line.

Think about it.  Isn’t an email subject line kind of like a headline in a newspaper?  Or in an article.

And doesn’t a great subject line almost compel you to at least look at the email and … maybe … open it?

In fact, it may be the most important part of your entire email.

Your email’s subject line can make or break your entire campaign.

So, it must stand out in your reader’s inbox. 

Remember that your prospect … or customer … very likely receives hundreds of emails in a single day. 

And if you’ve got a lousy subject line, why would they open your email? 

In fact, the subject line is so important, I recommend that you write it last after writing your email.  

And that’s the 2nd step of my 10-Step Master Formula for writing killer autoresponders and broadcast emails.

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