How To Design A Marketing Email
Step 3 

How To Design A Marketing Email Step 3 is the third step of my 10-Step Master Formula … the 10 crucial steps … that I use to create killer autoresponders and broadcast emails for my clients and myself.

Do your emails suck people in … or just suck?

My wife and I bought a nice used SUV a few years back and we did all of our shopping online. 

We absolutely loved the experience.  At least compared to the way we used to do it.

We did everything online … except for picking up the car … because we didn’t want to feel the pain.

The pain which was an integral part of the old-school process of buying a car.

The pain which resulted from actually having to go out physically and shop for a new or used car.

If you’ve experienced this, wasn’t it one of the most agonizing experiences of your life?  C’mon.  Admit it. 

If you’ve bought a car … or truck … you’ve got to know this story. 

Remember … I’m a seasoned citizen.  Probably a lot older than most reading this. 

You drive up to a car dealership.  You may have already seen the vehicle you want from your drive-by on the one day they were closed (at least where I live).    

But you’ve got to get a closer look at it. 

And then, crap …

They start circling.  Commissioned car salesmen.  Like vultures.  And you’re dead meat.  Road kill.

Now, don’t misunderstand me.

Everyone’s got to earn a living.  And the one car salesman I knew didn’t operate like this.  But he’s no longer with us.

When you wander onto that car lot, if the guy … sorry ladies but not a lot of you are doing this in my experience … is a “pro”, good luck getting away.

They’re smooth.  And they suck you in quickly. 

Almost like fishing.  But you’re the sucker.  And you just took the worm. 

Then they start reeling you in.

Even if you don’t end up buying a car, you came real close didn’t you?  Whether you could afford it or not.

And this is kind of like the third step in my 10-step Master Formula for writing kick-ass autoresponders and emails.

Begin Your Message With An Opener That Sucks People In

Isn’t this what dictates which emails you’re going to read when you look at the hundreds in your own inbox?

You know that one or two of them of them might be important.  Maybe a few more you want to read.

Some of them might actually contain information you want.

But … of course … most of them don’t.

So you might click on one.  Might even start to read it. 

Then, when you realize that it’s not relevant, you delete it.  On to the next.

Sounds simple right?

Think about it.  If your reader doesn’t read the first few lines of your email, your email is dead in the water right?

And if they don’t move along to the next line, what are they going to do?

They’re going to delete your email.  Quickly.

Ending any chance you might’ve had of moving them along in the relationship-building process. 

And also ending any chance of making a sale … and future sales.

Your main goal when writing an email or autoresponder is to keep your prospect moving from one line to the next.

And that means you’ve got to have a compelling opener that captures your prospect’s attention and engages them. 

Keeping them involved and moving them through your message.

And that’s the 3rd step of my 10-Step Master Formula for writing killer autoresponders and emails.


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